広範囲で、多岐にわたる複雑な人事制度すべてをAU.HRコンサルティング株式会社、ひとつの会社がOne Stopでサービスをご提供できます。

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AU.HR CONSULTING Co., Ltd. can develop and propose the concrete proposal based on your company’s needs

We can support and establish your business strategy and human resources strategy based on Global and Internal experiences of Company Culture Changing and Organization Development through the various discussions with Management Member and HR VP.

It is very important to develop how to change each HR management system in appropriate order under complicate relationship between each HR management system in order to realize each company’s management plan.

AU.HR CONSULTING Co., Ltd. can provide HR services of broad, various and complicate HR management system as One Stop HR Consulting Company.
We can support and provide below HR service as single and also as combined.


人事戦略・HR Strategy



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We can promote Organizational Development and Company Culture Change with Top Managements and HR VP to develop HR Strategy to support Business.

We can develop Implementation Process and Implementation Strategy and can support, promote and conduct the HR Strategy Presentation in English to Global HQ and the explanation meeting internal in Japan.

・Company Culture Change, Organization Development, Human Resources Strategy Development.
・Develop the explanation presentation in English / Japanese.
・Conduct the explanation Meeting in English / Japanese.

人事制度・HRM System








・職務記述書整備(Job Description)


(Job Evaluation Committee)





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We can propose and promote the Human Resources Management system to maximize the effectiveness of changing in appropriate order.

We can propose the Human Resources Management system to generate the maximized effectiveness because we can be flexible to operate depending on huge organization or small Organization.

・Developing Performance Management System

・Developing Grade System
(Job Grade, Competency Grade)

・Developing Compensation Scheme
(including Salary Range)

・Developing Incentive Bonus System

・Developing Job Grade System

・Developing Job Description

・Supporting Job Evaluation Committee System

・Developing Appropriate Payroll Process

・Developing Time Working Record System

・Developing Company Pension System(DB/DC)

・Developing Benefit System


22年以上にわたるグローバル、国内での人事プロフェッショナルとしての業務を通した 豊富な人材ネットワークを活用し、最適な人材をご紹介いたします。
マネージメントレベルの人材からスタッフレベルに至るまで、企業様の組織開発に関連 する中途採用候補者のご提案、企業様のニーズに応じた個別の候補者のご提案をいたします。


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AU.HR CONSULTING Co., Ltd. can introduce capable and strong leader by utilizing rich HR Network through various global and internal projects last over 22 years.

We can introduce various candidates from staff level to Management Level, propose various candidates to meet your organization development needs, and introduce individual candidates to meet your specific needs.

・Introducing Strong Candidates.
・Conducting New College Graduates Recruitment activity on behalf of your Company.
・Conducting Mid Career Recruitment activity on behalf of your Company.

人材育成・HR Development


また、個別の研修プログラムの講師として役割を担うことも可能ですので、柔軟に対応 いたします。


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AU.HR CONSULTING Co., Ltd. can propose and conduct HR Development System and Training System to generate the maximized effectiveness.
We can propose and support the Succession Planning System which has big impact to your Company’s future growth.
We can be flexible to meet your needs and we can take a role of instructor for each training program.

・Developing HR Development System
・Developing Training System
・Developing Succession Planning System
・Developing English Training System
・Conducting Instructor / Trainer for each Training.